CEO's message

We replaced the fabric removal sticker, which started as an OEM method in the US and European markets, with localization, and began to spread it to the domestic advertising market for the first time.

As a manufacturing worker, I have 35 years of experience in the field and as a master of domestic plastic adhesive treatment product manufacturing, I hold domestic patents related to the core. The products are scheduled to be sold to the Southeast Asian market and Europe, and efforts are being made to revitalize the domestic market by entering the country.

CEO and company introduction

To explain the 35 years, starting with the label sticker market in the 1970s and 1980s, we have experience contributing 30% of domestic market share with 500 million sales. In the 1980s and 2000s, the advertising sheet market generated 10 billion won in annual sales through OEM manufacturing with Hyundai Sheet, and achieved a 70% domestic market share in the advertising market. We are expanding our scope to include interior film, flooring, window film, indoor and outdoor decoration market, and wallpaper market. As a result of expansion, annual sales are 8 billion won. It still has a high influence with a 45% domestic market share.

Since 8 years ago, we have localized fabric removal stickers and are working hard to replace the PVC market in the domestic market. In 2020, research on the synthesis and physical properties of eco-friendly water-based primers began, and in 2020, a patent was obtained for a method of manufacturing a printing film using a coating composition for printing films, and in November 2020, a study on the development of optical functional window films also concurrently.

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