Don’t just take our word for it. Read what customers have to say about Egtex peel & stick adhesive material.

Customer's words!

In May 2023, SDM Inter-floor Noise Blocker Company helped us with our exterior and interior, and we are very satisfied that we can use it semi-permanently.

Very easy to detach

The company that produces interior film has applied our fabric sticker and printed it similar to the interior film for comparative analysis, and confirmed the advantage that it is very convenient to attach and detach semi-permanently than PVC.

A real change in art

As a result of contacting and applying Egtex to the furniture surface to reduce costs, the company was able to implement the product at 10% of the actual cost, which is good to have various sales lines.

Raising brand awareness

As the wall construction took less than an hour to promote it at the sales promotion center, labor costs and costs were reduced compared to other companies' products. And even when it was demolished, the wall was cleaned clean, so the owner of the building was very satisfied.

Enhance the promotional effect through vehicle wrapping.

It is convenient to construct, and as a car owner, the quarterly promotion is changed, and the very easy and fast part when attaching and detaching was very helpful. There was no adhesive left, so it was a great help to the promotion effect and sales.

It acts as a canvas to promote wall art originality.

Shilla Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Shilla Hotel is a representative hotel in Korea. Our work is

Exhibit and provide artwork in the hotel lobby. In this environment, Egtex's products are

It helped create the atmosphere.

Using the adhesive agent, Egtex Peel & Stick, such as hotel lobby and restaurants

We created an environment by presenting large-scale works in a more casual environment.